Massage is a Zen Room specialty, each client receives an individual experience

Massage is where my passion lies and believe it brings pure relaxation relieving tension and alleviates sore aching muscles whether it be from the natural aging process, strain or overuse. The ultimate goal is to relax the mind soothe the soul and restore balance to the body.

Whether you prefer firm, medium or soft pressure, massages are customised to suit your needs. Massages are performed using NZ made Natural Lavender Oil for relaxation or NZ made Natural Thieves Oil for sore muscles.

Options are the key to Zenroom Massages, whether you choose an hour back neck and shoulder massage, an hour full body massage or design a massage concentrating on the areas you wish to release de-stress or rebalance.

Zen Massages

All of the Zen massages can be customised to suit you on request. The massages can be tailored to your specific concern areas and ideal pressure.

Back, neck and shoulder (30 min) massage

A traditional neck, shoulder and back massage for highly stressed professionals and hard-working mums on a time limit.

Back, neck and shoulder (1 hr) massage

A traditional neck, shoulder and back massage to relieve stress, ease tension and improve circulation.

Full body (1 hr) massage

A full body massage to relieve stress, ease tension provide relief for tired aching muscles.

Hot stone massage (90 min)

Combining hot stones with Swedish and deep tissue techniques, provides a healing and effective experience. Hot stones can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

Extra 15 min


Extra 30 min

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